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iTunes in the Cloud now offering TV shows

iTunes in the Cloud now features TV shows

Apple has added TV shows to its iTunes in the Cloud service, which will allow users to re-download TV shows they've already purchased to multiple devices.

The new update will present iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch owners with a "Purchased" tab in the iTunes app, which will highlight the previously bought shows.

Effectively, it is a cloud-based storage locker for your TV show purchases.

The service, which is a US-only update for the time being, mimics the music functionality of the service which offers users instant access to tracks they've purchased through iTunes on all of their Apple gear.

Apple TV

For Apple TV owners, who also received a software update on Monday, the new cloud service is slightly different.

The Apple TV device has no on-board storage, so previously bought TV shows can be streamed via the new "Purchased" tab in the main menu on that device.

Today's update doesn't yet feature movies, but one would have to assume that would only be a matter of time.

Hopefully a UK roll-out will arrive sooner rather than later also.

via 9to5 Mac