Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7 You review

If you can forgive the name, this is a smart-looking smartwatch

TechRadar Verdict

The Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7 You is everything you expect from a fashion-focused smartwatch. It's lovely to look at, will make your wrist look important but it lacks too many key features to make it a must have.


  • +

    Well designed

  • +

    Decent, bright screen

  • +

    Good performance


  • -

    Poor battery life

  • -

    Missing GPS, LTE, NFC

  • -

    Crown doesn’t rotate

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The 'designer' smartwatch category is one of the most burgeoning areas of wearables at the moment, so it’s easy to see why a watch such as the
Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7 You exists. 

Attach a brand to a gadget and it immediately attracts a customer to a market that they may not be that familiar with. Alongside this, there is a certain amount of expectation when a designer brand is involved in terms of the quality of the product.

The Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7 You wins precisely no stars when it comes to its nomenclature but the watch itself has been made by some tech and timepiece heavyweights. 

Movado - a fantastic brand itself - has been creating watches for Hilfiger since 2001. It’s a company that also creates watches for Hugo Boss (the Hugo Boss Touch), Coach and Lacoste. It’s safe to say, then, that the design of the timepiece is in safe hands.

That’s the watch part. The smart, connected part is powered by HP - given it's got a partnership with Movado, it also powers the Hugo Boss smartwatch. Then there’s the other familiar layer of Wear OS. Mix all of this together and what you have is another safe, fine-looking smartwatch that’s also frustratingly missing some key features.

Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7 You price and release date

The Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7 You is out now - it was first announced at Baselworld 2017 - and has an RRP of $299/£289 (about AU$400) but if you shop around you can certainly get it a lot cheaper. 

The version we tested came with a stainless steel strap but there is also a brown leather strap version available.

Design and comfort

The Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7 You has all the design quirks we have come to expect with a smartwatch. Its circular screen is cut into the device, so there’s a lip between the bezel and the chassis - it’s not as deep as we have seen on other models but it is enough to protect the screen from accidental knocks. 

There’s a great, curved design to the chassis that envelopes the wrist and on the right side is a crown but this is a bit of a cheat. It’s been designed to look like a rotating crown but it is actually static, just there to hold the button in place. On the base of the button is a the iconic Hilfiger 'H'. 

The design of the watch is close to some of the ranges that Hilfiger has released in the past. Surprisingly, though, it doesn’t look much like the Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7, a smart/analog hybrid which was the company’s first foray into smartwatch territory. 

The stainless steel strap is well made but feels a touch thinner (thickness, not width) than some of the straps we have used on other smartwatches. It is also slightly squeaky. 

While this did stop after having the watch on the wrist for a few days, it was a touch irritating. If you do go for the metal strap, then expect to have to get a number of links taken out of the thing. 

Flip the watch over and you have the familiar two charging dots and and a circle of plastic in the middle.

It’s a well-made, solid watch that has a rather thick bezel that makes it a little weighty. But it makes sense given the watch face is a sizeable 45mm.  


We have no qualms about the Tommy Hilfiger TH24/7 You screen. We also have no information about the screen - this is also the situation with the Hugo Boss Touch. Both screens, however, both are bright and caused us no issues viewing them in bright light or a dark room. 

Testing the screen in the bright light of a British summer - stop laughing, there is such a thing - we never had to squint to see the detail on the screen. 

Tommy Hilfiger’s insistence on digital watch hands is a boon too (if you decide to keep the branded watch faces) as it’s easy to see the time at a glance. 

The watch face worked well with our wrist action, too. Stop it. We never had to wait for the watch face to illuminate, as the gesture of moving our wrist to our face (again, stop it) meant it woke when needed. 

It does this as a two-part process too on a number of the faces - the watch’s hands appear over a black screen, then the screen appears underneath. 

As this is an Wear OS watch, you can have the screen always on if you want but we never felt the need to choose this feature. The screen is a full circle screen too (encased in a shell diameter of 45mm, with a height of 13mm) there’s no flat tyre in sight. 

The face that comes as standard with the watch is quite a, er, statement. An animation of thick-brushed paint strokes of blue, white and red take swipe over the screen revealing the Hilfiger brand. It’s a fun watch face to have and one that screams Tommy Hilfiger but there are far more subtle screens for those who don’t want their watch completely on brand. 

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