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A high-quality password manager, especially for demanding businesses

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TechRadar Verdict

RoboForm is an impressive and powerful tool that will allow any business to manage passwords and sensitive data, but it’s potentially expensive and its interface looks dated.


  • +

    Good business-specific features

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    Full feature 14-day free trial available for business users

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    Great mobile apps


  • -

    Unintuitive interface

  • -

    Secured shared folder not available for free users

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RoboForm was one of the original password managers. It was initially released in 2000 and enriched its offering for business users in 2009 through a dedicated Enterprise version. The feature set it offers is rich and complex, easily going toe to toe with the premium players in the password manager market. Security, which is one of the most important parts of a password manager, is top notch, with military grade encryption, an unblemished security record of the firm and various other features that nicely round out the offering.  After we’ve gone hands-on with RoboForm, head over to our list of the best password managers and best business password managers to see if you should opt for an alternative.


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Roboform: Plans and pricing

RoboForm’s pricing model for businesses changes depending on how many users require access. All subscriptions provide access to the same features and software. The price per user starts at $39.95 / £35 / AUD$60 per year For companies that are able to predict their futures, they can sign up for three-year and five-year plans, but with relatively small discounts of 15% and 25% respectively, that might be too much risk for some. You can usually save up to 20% for paying annually with other services, without having to commit to half a decade.

If you’re looking at individual or family plans, there is a limited free option available, while the Premium plan starts at $2.49 a month, billed annually. Additionally, there is a Family plan starting at $3.98 a month, billed annually. The Premium plan offers an unlimited number of devices, while the Family plan offers up to five premium accounts for the family.

Roboform: Setup

RoboForm offers various software options, meaning business leaders can ensure compatibility across their organization.

In addition to applications for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android, RoboForm also offers software options for Linux users. Web extensions for all major browsers platforms also mean you can integrate RoboForm right into your web experience, so whether you’re using Chrome, Edge, Firefox, you will be covered.

Users can easily access the applications via their device’s app store or the RoboForm website. Both apps are highly rated on their respective stores, with the iOS app getting 4.7 out of 5 stars, and the Android version almost as high at 4.6 out of 5 stars. Once downloaded, the app is easy to get up and running, but users must create an account before accessing any of the app’s features. Many authentication methods protect the app and its data – including PIN numbers, master passwords, or biometrics.

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Roboform: Interface and performance

RoboForm includes features such as a password generator for creating strong and unique passwords of sufficient length and complexity, one-click login, cross-platform password syncing, and offline access. This feature has been further strengthened with the addition of a passphrase option that can add random words, not only a string of random characters. It can also auto-fill data fields for time savings on sites that need long web forms completed. As of January 2023, the company also added the much-anticipated 2FA generator into the experience so there’s no need for users to rely on third-party apps to generate codes.

We also love RoboForm’s integration of folders, enabling users to organize passwords in whatever way is most useful to them. For example, businesses can easily create separate folders for work-related passwords and personal passwords. This is ideal for businesses that want to enable seamless password management for their organization, and it’s even more appealing to SMBs and sole traders who want to balance work and life without having to manage two subscriptions.

Password sharing is another powerful feature of RoboForm. This feature enables users to securely share encrypted passwords or credentials with other RoboForm users within your organization – ideal if you want to reduce the risk of sensitive information being exposed outside of your company. It’s also possible for RoboForm to grant emergency access to other users in case anything bad happens to an employee.

The app itself, in our experience, lacks the intuitiveness of some other offerings on the market but is more of a personal preference based on the numerous password managers tested. However, we did find ourselves digging around for options and trying to figure out how to best navigate the app. With time, the usage does get easier as you figure out where things that you use all the time are located.

We tested the RoboForm app on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, and were impressed by the speed of syncing. Although we had to conduct a manual sync, it took less than three seconds for data uploaded on the mobile app to appear on our desktop device. You can also enable automatic syncing.

Another strength of RoboForm is the high degree of account control. Users can make loads of customizations to security protocols and account settings when using the desktop or mobile apps. These advanced controls are one of the reasons RoboForm is one of our favorite password management solutions for businesses.

It’s worth mentioning that, like some of its rivals, this is purely a password manager. Other companies tend to bundle in some additional functionalities, or offer more services as a company, which makes RoboForm look a little bit expensive in comparison. For example, there’s no VPN service so you’ll either have to pay extra for one of those or go for a password manager that has one.

Companies that constantly evolve their offering are usually the ones that tend to be near and dear to users' hearts. RoboForm takes this seriously with another recent addition, where the app now supports passkeys, allowing users to store, autofill, and securely share passkeys in RoboForm. Passwordless logins have become increasingly popular, though the initial pick-up was slower than expected. With competitors also having the passkey option available, it is nice to see that RoboForm listens to the users and the market while adding new features to strengthen its offering.

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Roboform: Security

As with any password management solution, a top-notch security framework is integral. Luckily, RoboForm doesn’t disappoint. As a standard, all data stored on RoboForm’s platform is encrypted end-to-end with AES 256-bit encryption. Two-factor authentication is also available for all businesses, further enhances data security, and supports third-party authentication apps.

RoboForm also provides advanced administrator controls, such as enforced minimum master password standards and periodic password changes. As an admin, you can show the full password change history for each login through the web editor.

Businesses can also make use of public-private key cryptography, which allows business administrators to share encrypted passwords and credentials with employees without them ever having to see the actual password. This feature alone makes RoboForm one of the best password management solutions for businesses

Moreover, there’s an entire page on the company’s site dedicated to exposing the security measures and features, which is a major green flag for us. Companies that are open about how they operate inspire confidence, and subject themselves to more scrutiny. 

Roboform: Support

There is free support available to all via the Help Center and Manual. Here, topics get organized into categories such as Security, Web Access, and Emergency Access, and each has a list of articles to guide users through the issue.

RoboForm provides superior customer support for its subscribers and business customers. IT administrators or employees can contact the RoboForm team either via their online support system or by phone during business hours, 9AM to 5 PM EST. There are also several online learning and training resources available.

Roboform: The competition

Although RoboForm is close to best in class, it still faces competition from some of its competitors. LastPass, often considered the top provider, offers advanced administrator controls and centralized account management comparable to RoboForm’s platform.

Small and medium-sized businesses can also look at comparable options such as RememBear, Sticky Password, NordPass or Dashlane.

If security is of great important to you, you may want to consider the recently launched Proton Pass, or if you want to take it a step further, Bitwarden users can opt for self-hosting to keep their data in a location they know and trust, even behind a firewall or proxy, which is a really exciting option that isn’t typically seen in password management, and beyond.

Roboform: Final verdict

RoboForm is a secure and highly effective app that can easily go toe to toe with the best in class. If your only criterion is cost, RoboForm offers a nice plethora of plans that are not the most expensive on the market. If you’re an individual user who doesn’t require all the bells and whistles and simply wants to be secure online, the free version ticks all those boxes. 

On the security front, you can rest assured that 256-bit AES encryption, 2FA, and vaults will keep your data secure and away from the eyes of prying hackers. RoboForm has recently undergone a comprehensive security audit and penetration test by a third party and passed with flying colors. Moreover, there have not been any breaches or other incriminating issues surrounding the company which is an excellent sign for firms safeguarding your most sensitive data. 

Customer support is more than adequate, with the company constantly working on the app and adding new features (support for passkeys, improved TOTP authenticator, tweaked password change history, etc.), and regularly updating the user base through their blog and FAQs. Finally, it is by no means the best option on the market, but does punch above its weight class and gives the premium offerings a run for their money.

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