RememBear password manager review

A consumer product more than for business

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RememBear is, first and foremost, a consumer product and is not optimized for enterprise use.
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RememBear struggles to compete with competitors that offer business-specific plans.


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    No business-specific products or plans

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    Few innovative features

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Editor's note: Remembear has now been discontinued.

RememBear is a middle-of-the-pack password manager but would be an ideal choice for many small businesses due to its easy-to-use interface and low price.

Still, while RememBear is one of the most affordable password management solutions and has high-quality security policies, it is a consumer product first and foremost, and lacks the enterprise-specific features of many of its competitors.

In our RememBear review, we look at the strengths and weaknesses of the platform and ask which businesses might consider it the best password manager for their organization’s needs.

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RememBear doesn’t offer as many features as some of its competitors. (Image credit: RememBear)

Features and utilities

RememBear is not the most feature rich of password managers, but those features it does include are useful and could provide an efficient password management solution for some businesses.

Among them are one-click login, automatic syncing and backup, and password and credit card autofill. These are all industry standard and alone make RememBear a seamless and reliable platform for most purposes.

Less prominent features, such as support for biometric authorization protocols, a password generator, or two-factor authentication, help RememBear stand out from the pack. Unfortunately, though, the company provides no specific information on exactly how its biometric authorization works or how it manages biometric data.

Another potential weakness of RememBear is the absence of password sharing or emergency access, which allows a colleague or family member to access a user’s data if they become incapacitated. Because RememBear is primarily designed for use by individuals and not businesses, the platform lacks some of the enterprise-specific features available with some of its competitors such as centralized user control, administrator analytics, emergency access, or password sharing.

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RememBear’s natively designed applications are easy to use and (almost) make saving passwords fun. (Image credit: RememBear)


RememBear can be used on almost all devices, and its iOS app has been featured as the Apple Store App of the Day.

We downloaded the app on each of macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android, and were impressed. They were easy to download, quick to install, and intuitively designed.

Of the four apps, we found the Windows application to be our favorite to use, but only by a whisker.

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The RememBear application is highly responsive but doesn’t perform well in organizational settings. (Image credit: RememBear)

Interface and performance

The RememBear platform is certainly memorable, and the company markets itself well with an assortment of bear-related puns and app features. However, while the app performs admirably, it is best suited for individual users and struggles in an organizational setting.

The apps we tested (Android, iOS, and Windows versions) were responsive, easy to navigate, and made password management simple. On the same WiFi connection, passwords took approximately five seconds to sync between devices.

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RememBear is a highly secure platform. (Image credit: RememBear)


The first question any business should ask when looking for a password manager is “How secure is this service?” Because with password management software handling your business’ most crucial data, top-notch security must be a non-negotiable.

Fortunately, RememBear is a highly secure platform, with end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption of all data as well as additional security features such as a Secure Remote Password key exchange. A New Device Key is also used to secure your master password. This makes it almost impossible for a hacker to gain access to your account using a brute-force attack.

RememBear’s zero-knowledge security framework makes data completely inaccessible without the encryption key, which only the user knows. RememBear can’t access this key and therefore can’t unencrypt your business’ data.

To provide additional confidence in their security framework, RememBear also had an independent firm (Cure53) conduct a security audit on their platform. This audit found no critical security issues. The full report can be accessed here [PDF].

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The RememBear support site is quite limited, and no live chat support is available. (Image credit: RememBear)


The RememBear help site enables business leaders and users to find solutions to problems they face when using the platform. The troubleshooting page provides answers to several frequently asked questions, while the getting started page provides useful information when first installing and setting up the application. 

However, RememBear has no live chat support, something we find to be a weakness. Also, RememBear offers no business-specific support.


RememBear’s prices are industry-standard. (Image credit: RememBear)

Plans and pricing

Like many competitors, RememBear offers both a free and a premium product.

The free plan can only be used on one device and doesn’t include syncing or backup capabilities. We wouldn’t recommend it for businesses.

The premium plan costs $6.00 per month and includes automatic sync and backup, priority customer service, and access to all of RememBear’s apps. 

However, one important downside is that businesses must purchase an individual plan for each user within their organization. Nonetheless, these prices still make RememBear one of the most affordable password managers available.


The competition

Although RememBear doesn’t have many weaknesses, businesses looking for centralized user control, administrator analytics, or password sharing should look elsewhere. 

Alternate platforms such as LastPass, RoboForm, and NordPass all offer enterprise-specific plans. Although they are slightly more expensive than RememBear, the increase in centralized control and user management will pay dividends to all but the smallest organizations.

Final verdict

RememBear isn’t the best password manager for businesses. Ultimately, it is a consumer product and therefore lacks the business-specific features and security protocols that companies are looking for.

However, if you’re a small team or a single trader looking for an intuitive, easy-to-use password management solution, you could do much worse than RememBear. It is highly secure, its applications are well designed, and it makes password management simple. RememBear is also highly affordable and won’t break the bank for businesses looking for a password management solution on a budget.

Whether RememBear is right for your business ultimately depends on your organization’s size and individual needs.

Darcy French