Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro review

A beefy, high-spec percussive massage gun

Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro
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We’ve so far been mightily impressed by the massage delivered by the Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro. It’s definitely got sufficient oomph that will make it appeal to pro users, and those touches like the toggle on/off switch, power level indicators on the top of the unit, and a wider than average range of heads broadens the appeal. While the trade-off is more weight, at 1.1kg this is still a realistic option for longer-term massage sessions. This is further compounded by the ergonomic styling, especially the large handle that makes holding the gun for protracted periods not too bad at all. Power delivery is smooth and effective, while the runtime is more than adequate and charging is a doddle. All in all, the Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro definitely justifies its high price, and much like its Mini counterpart, we’re loving that styling too.


  • +

    Plenty of power

  • +

    Great battery life

  • +

    Relatively quiet


  • -

    Heavier design and build

  • -

    Not the most portable massager

  • -

    More heads than you might need

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30-second review

Everything about the look and feel of the Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro suggests performance and it doesn’t disappoint. This is a chunky machine, with a weight of 1.1kg thanks to a powerful battery and motor combination. That makes it one of the heaviest massage guns we've tested, but pro-level users will appreciate its extra potential, with four power modes indicated by LEDs around a main power button that deliver solid levels of oscillation and provide extended runtime.

A similarly chunky on/off switch makes it easier to operate in the professional environment too, while a larger than average body and handle design means it can be held for longer. Adding to the benefits that come with a higher-priced massage gun are the six different heads, a power adapter with plug attachments and a practical illustration-based manual.

Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

There are many high-end massage guns to rival the Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro, but its specification and design that se it apart from most of the crowd, especially thanks to practical design touches.

Price and availability

The Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro is available directly from the manufacturer, and can be found via many popular online outlets around the world, including Amazon. It’s available right now, and can be purchased for £224.99 (about $290 / AU$390) if you buy it direct from Pulseroll.

That's approximately the same price as the excellent Hydragun – another premium massage gun that delivers a powerful percussive massage while remaining surprisingly quiet.

Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)


We loved the look and feel of the Pulseroll Mini Massage Gun, which boasts a signature red and black styling that sets it apart from the multitude of other models on the market. The Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro follows a similar style, but as a professional-grade massage machine it’s bigger and better, with much more inside the box too. The unit is packed inside a zip-up polyester carry case, which contains the gun itself, plus six massage heads, a power adapter and plugs. There’s also a decent full-colour manual with clear operational instructions and detailed illustrations and guidance on areas to massage.

Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

The gun itself is chunky in the hand, with a tubular handle and a more angular top with what look like cooling vents on the side. The look is one that suggests performance. The massage heads are of the push-fit variety and can be inserted with ease. Power is controlled via a main on/off toggle switch on the base, where you'll also find the power port and four LED indicators that show the battery level. On the top of the gun is a main power button, with four LED indicators around it. These illuminate as you move up through the four modes by pushing the same button again.

The built-in 21.6V lithium-ion (2400mAh) battery can be fully replenished in around three hours, while runtime from the battery is anywhere from between three and five hours, dependent on how you’re using it. The Massage Gun Pro weighs 1.1kg, which may be too much for some people to use comfortable for long durations, but is less than we were expecting given the potent specification.

Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)


At first glance, there’s not an awful lot to differentiate the Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro model from the smaller Pulseroll Mini, but in use the differences soon become apparent.

From the off, it’s easy to tell you’re using a beefier machine than the Mini. Stall force is 50lbs, which means that it’s possible to apply more pressure when it’s needed without the gun feeling the strain. Meanwhile, the amplitude reaches a maximum of 12mm, meaning the massage feels much more potent too. Combine that with someone who has a good grasp of massage techniques and the experience to dispense it and you’ve got a great experience once the power starts coming.

Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

There are four modes, with level one offering 1,300pppm (percussions per minute) using low power, and level two delivering 1,800ppm on medium power. Levels three and four both use high power mode, with the former delivering 2,500ppm, and the latter 3,300ppm.

Another big difference here is the number of massage heads that come as part of the package. These include large round, small round, flat, pneumatic, spinal, and a bullet designs, each of which is best suited to a different body part. For larger muscle groups, use a bigger head; for smaller areas or to target knots, switch to something smaller.

We like the more pro-focused power switch on this model too, which is a little more practical if the gun is being used in a professional situation. In terms of overall massage quality, we feel that this unit is certainly up there models like the Hydragun and Shavron Vibration Massage Gun, which are similarly priced.

First reviewed April 2022

Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro

(Image credit: Rob Clymo)

Buy it if

You’re a pro
The Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro is big and beefy, with a specification to match so should be more than enough for most needs.

Extra massage heads appeal
It’s easy enough to get additional heads direct from Pulseroll if you need more choice, but this package comes with six already inside the box.

Power is everything
The powerful percussion supplied by the Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro means it’s well-suited to more demanding sessions.

Don't buy it if

You need a basic percussive massager
The higher price tag gets you a better specification and more heads, but the cheaper Pulseroll Mini is a good budget alternative.

You struggle with heavy objects
The design is certainly practical, but at 1.1kg this massage gun does feel quite hefty.

Portability is essential
The Pulseroll Massage Gun Pro comes in a neat carrying case and can be taken with you, but it’s bulkier than the related not to mention smaller Pulseroll Mini package.

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