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Can ZTE break from its network-branded roots with this budget offering?

The Video recorder app on the ZTE Kis is just as basic as the camera app, but then what did we expect.

For the price point, we know that the majority of the money will have been spent on the things that matter more in a smartphone, even if we haven't been over struck on the offerings so far.

ZTE KIS review

Options wise, ZTE allow you to choose the Video quality, optimising the video for YouTube or MMS if you desire. We doubt you'd upload much to the social site as, again, picture quality is pretty poor.

Elsewhere, you can change the white balance, colour effects, video resolution, video and audio encoding and video duration (30 seconds being the longest).

ZTE KIS review

The video is pretty poor. The colours are reproduced well, and the movement between light and dark is quick enough, but the picture is very unclear and grainy.

The picture works well on the phone's tiny screen, but on anything larger the video becomes almost unwatchable.

If we were to recommend this for filming anything, it would be for those awkward 'Dad dances Gangnam Style' moments, but we say that only to save you the embarrassment at a later date.

ZTE KIS review