Battery life on the Samsung H1 is a mixed affair – it will stay pretty strong for quite some time with light to moderate usage, but start to hammer the phone (not literally – that's guaranteed to run the battery down in a second) with a bit of music and messaging and internet use and the bars will begin to drop off.

The battery life is pretty consistent with a 1500mAh option, and even when down to one bar of power it will still hang on for a pretty long time.

Vodafone 360 samsung h1

In terms of connectivity, the H1 has all the usual suspects. 3.5G/HSPDA is startlingly quick at times (for instance, when downloading music) and Wi-Fi is similarly stable (with a cool tethering graphic for when you connect up).

However, one annoying feature is that it doesn't auto connect – when you turn the phone off and on again, Wi-Fi is disabled and you then have to re-search for your network, which gets irritating.

GPS is average, although works quickly when in an open field with nothing to block its view of the sky – use it in the city and it takes a bit longer. Not as long as Windows Mobile phones, but it's a bit sluggish.

Vodafone 360 samsung h1

Bluetooth we've already covered – connecting via A2DP is no picnic and the connection constantly failed on us, which was irritating to say the least.

And speaking of irritations, while the PC studio installed quickly and easily, there seem to be some driver errors, as the phone wouldn't synchronise no matter how many times we connected it up.