The quality of video playback on the screen is reasonable, considering the screen real estate available, and compatible files play smoothly enough.

However, file formats are limited – it supports MP4, WMV and H.263, though DivX and Xvid files can't be played directly on the handset. Streamed video via YouTube is perfectly watchable over an HSDPA connection too.

Sony ericsson t715

The music player function on the T715 is again familiar Sony Ericsson mid-range software. Reminiscent of Walkman phones, it's easily navigable and works well enough without offering anything particularly innovative. The player's controlled by the navigation pad, and cover art is supported if available.

Tracks sideloaded to the phone or slipped in via a memory card are automatically identified and categorised appropriately under headings which include artists, albums, tracks, playlists, audio books and podcasts.

Tracks can be synchronised using Sony Ericsson's MediaGo software, which can be downloaded from its online support page, as no software is packaged with the phone.

Sony ericsson t715

Like most Sony Ericssons, earphones are routed through its multi-connector port on the side of the phone rather than a standard 3.5mm headphone socket - something we'd like to see changed in the near future, as on the likes of the Sony Ericsson W995 it's a real boon.

The large connector makes it more snag-prone in the pocket, and the lack of a 3.5mm adaptor with the supplied earphones means you'll have to source one yourself if you want to upgrade the ear-wear.

The in-box HPM-60 earphones are average quality mobile phone kit, and produce an ordinary audio performance that's a bit bland, with rather sedate bass but which is adequate for casual listening.

We sourced a spare Walkman phone adaptor cable and noticed an immense sound improvement with our affordable Sennheiser reference headphones. It's worth trying if you're concerned with audio quality – or you could splash out on stereo Bluetooth headphones.

Sony ericsson t715

The headset is still required though for the FM radio function. This free entertainment function is straightforward to tune in and use and supports RDS. You can use TrackID software in the radio options for finding out more about tunes you hear over the air.