Sony Ericsson T715 review

Slim and cheap - but is it too lightweight on specs?

The definitive Sony Ericsson T715 review
The definitive Sony Ericsson T715 review

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Local synchronisation of contacts, calendar, notes and tasks, emails, bookmarks and other content is supported, too, although you'll have to download Sony Ericsson PC Suite software from Sony Ericsson's online support as none is included in-box. It's Windows only, however.

You can hook up to a PC using a USB data cable, with a mass storage option available too when plugged in. The phone's Bluetooth capability includes A2DP stereo audio streaming for wireless headsets and other Bluetooth-enabled gadgets such as speakers.

Sony ericsson t715

As far as mobile network connectivity goes, the Sony Ericsson T715 is a UMTS 2100 enabled handset, which when 3G network coverage isn't available can switch to GSM 850/900/1800/1900 networks.

It supports HSPA high-speed connectivity (HSDPA download up to 3.6Mbps) plus GPRS/EDGE on GSM networks.


Among the other out-of-the-box applications is Google Maps location finding, route-planning and map-viewing service. Now a staple feature on Sony Ericsson phones, it's always a useful app to have, even if GPS is absent.

The Sony Ericsson T715 uses cellsite triangulation rather than precise GPS, to get a fix on your approximate position to within a few hundred metres, providing maps over the air to help you find your way around or search for places of interest or routes.

Google's Latitude real-time location sharing service is featured in the software, as well as Street View options, plus multiple direction finding services for driving, walking and public transport. Over HSDPA, mapping updates and searches load quickly and the screen refreshes zippily enough.

Sony ericsson t715

Other regulars include TrackID music identification software, which records clips of songs you hear and want to identify, and interrogates a remote database for track details.

Sony Ericsson's VideoDJ, PhotoDJ and MusicDJ tweakery tools and a sound recorder are included too, plus a Bluetooth remote control option and a neat world clock function. Usefully, the LED flash can also be switched on as a torch within the organiser menu – and handily it's also set up as a shortcut.

Three time-passing games are pre-loaded - Brick Breaker Revolution, Kasparov Chess and Sudoku. We can confirm we passed time using them - we cannot confirm we really get how to play chess properly.