This T715 gets the basics right on voice calls. We got a reliable, high quality call performance from the T715; sound quality was dependably clear.

We had no trouble throughout our review period, and the phone had no issues with network connectivity.

The keypad and on-screen fonts are nice and large for typing in new numbers or searching your contacts phonebook. The phonebook operates conventionally, searchable by typing in letters as well as scrolling.

Sony ericsson t715

As usual for the Sony Ericsson interface, as an alternative to the regular contacts searching, from standby the phone will show both the number you're typing and a list of names as if you were entering search terms by predictive text.

Sony ericsson t715

The contacts phonebook itself can store plenty of additional information on individual contacts, with a good range of fields to input extensive contact details.

The T715 lacks a front facing camera for face-to-face video chats, although video calling is supported, if you can be bothered to go at it with the back panel camera.