The Sony Ericsson T715 offers high-speed data connectivity via HSDPA over mobile networks, although there's no Wi-Fi for higher speed (and lower cost) data links, which is a shame.

The browser employed is the usual Access NetFront full web browser we've come to expect of Sony Ericsson. For a mid-tier conventional phone, it has a reasonably attractive home screen, offering Google search and web address bars on top of a list of options including Bookmarks and History.

Sony ericsson t715

It works reasonably quickly to download pages, and presents them adequately on the screen. You can use number pad shortcuts to work some controls, such as zooming in and out and bookmarking, but for much of the operations you have to work through scroll-down menus, so it's not a desktop like experience and is more clunky than Opera's mobile browser software, for instance.

Sony ericsson t715

While you might not expect the breezy ease of use of an iPhone or other high-end device, other mobile makers are moving the game on with even cheaper handsets – notably touchscreen models from the likes of LG and Samsung - that make mobile browsing a much more intuitive experience.

It does do the job adequately with RSS feeds supported too, while Sony Ericsson includes apps linking you to mobile optimised online services including YouTube, Facebook, and weather forecasting.