Samsung Galaxy Pro review

Cheap as chips Android with a QWERTY keyboard

Samsung Galaxy Pro
The Samsung Galaxy Pro boasts a great keyboard, but its screen size lets it down.

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Samsung galaxy pro review

Samsung equips the Galaxy Pro with a 1350mAh battery. This is pretty much small fry, although Samsung says it will give you 11 hours talktime and up to 620 hours on standby.

With such a small screen to manage you can expect battery life to be fairly good, although pushing the 800MHz processor will of course give it a chance to flex its muscles.

Samsung galaxy pro review

We found that we got a day's worth of battery life fairly easily without recourse to mains power, but then the screen size meant we weren't as inclined to attack the web or stream video as we usually are, which helps to explain this.

The Galaxy Pro's reasonable-quality music playback might mean you use it regularly for this purpose, and in this case you may well need to boost the battery mid-day.

Samsung galaxy pro review

Wi-Fi connections were fast and held well: we never experienced any dropped connections. The same can be said for 3G. Both are good plus points, which, yet again, made us rue the small screen.

We also liked Bluetooth v3.0 with A2DP support on offer as well, meaning the next generation of the wireless transfer (well, one of them) is nicely covered.


With this being an Android handset it won't come as a surprise that Google Maps provides the navigation features. Once again we have to complain about the small screen, which means you can't see much of a map at any one time, but at least the GPS fared well. It wasn't the fastest to get a fix, but once found, it held on well.


Among the other apps on board is a nice little memo maker for taking short, simple notes. You can even colour-code them.

Samsung galaxy pro memo maker

And there's a voice recorder too, in case you want to go all old fashioned and make voice notes.

Samsung galaxy pro voice recorder

Samsung adds its own app store to the Android Market. This is getting larger as time goes on, as more apps are starting to emerge to fill it. The rest is very much standard Android fare, but of course you have access to the Market to add whatever takes your fancy.