You're not given much by way of settings when it comes to shooting video on the Nokia Lumia 820, but this handset is still capable of shooting Full HD 1080p footage.

You can adjust the white balance by choosing one of five different options: Cloudy, Daylight, Flourescent, Incandescant and Auto. It's unlikely you'll be using this regularly and the difference is negligible anyway but frequent video-shooters will appreciate the inclusion.

Nokia Lumia 820 review

You can also choose to switch the continuous focus on or off and pick whether you want to shoot in 720p or 1080p resolution.

Although you can set the zoom level and dual-LED light before you begin recording, both are locked as soon as the camera is rolling.

Nokia Lumia 820 review

Image stabilisation is reassuring when shooting video, as is the audio quality of the microphone. One small annoyance is that the same problem with accidentally taking pictures through brushing the screen is repeated here.