Nokia Lumia 630 review

The best budget Nokia yet

Nokia Lumia 630 review
The Lumia 630 is great value

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Motorola Moto E

The Motorola Moto E follows up the highly successful first generation Moto G. It comes in at around £80, making it roughly the same price as the Nokia Lumia 630 and it has a number of similarities including the 5MP rear-facing only camera with no flash.

However there are a number of noticeable differences, so it really depends what it is you're after for your money. The Moto E boasts an impressive 1980mAh battery so if long-lasting power is your cup of tea then the Moto E will most likely trump the Nokia Lumia 630.

In addition, although the screen is smaller it does impress with a surprisingly sharp 540 x 960 resolution, with 256ppi it's the sharpest display in its category.

Moto E

Where the Nokia Lumia 630 does win out is with its quad-core processor and internal storage. The Motorola Moto E runs on a 1.2GHz dual-core processor with only 4GB of internal storage.

Some would say the Motorola Moto E is more aesthetically pleasing but that is a personal preference and I think that's what this might come down to. Not the design but the preference in OS. If you don't want to move across to Windows Phone then this Android equivalent is spot on.

Nokia Lumia 520

There have already been a number of comparisons with the Nokia Lumia 520 in this review. That's due to its stature as the best-selling Windows Phone on the market and its stalwart performance for a budget device.

Having said that, in every aspect of comparison throughout the review, the Nokia Lumia 630 has outshined the Nokia Lumia 520 – it has a faster processor, more expandable storage and a longer-lasting battery, alongside that it's also slimmer although a little heavier.

Lumia Nokia 520

Nevertheless, the Nokia Lumia 520 is still a solid entry-level smartphone and also comes in slightly cheaper, which could make a difference when making that first foray into the smartphone world.

The Nokia Lumia 630 does come with Windows Phone 8.1 straight out of the box, which is an improvement, but the new OS version is now available for the Lumia 520 too.

On spec alone I'd suggest the Nokia Lumia 630 is the better phone; however the Nokia Lumia 520 still remains a firm favourite.

Vodafone Smart 4 Mini

Coming in even cheaper again, the Vodafone Smart 4 Mini at just £40 is an interesting addition to the market; however the price isn't the only thing that is noticeably lower.

There are numerous differences in spec on the Smart 4 Mini in comparison to the Nokia Lumia 630. The camera, for example, takes us back in time to the days where 3.2MP was a good quality phone camera, whereas we all know now that it's not going to cut it nowadays.

The design also isn't something to envy, in comparison to the Nokia Lumia 630 and the Moto E, the Smart 4 Mini looks like a budget phone from the get go.

Vodaphone Smart Mini

On the plus side it does have a good battery life and expandable storage, two things you wouldn't necessarily expect for £40, however with a dual-core processor, the poor camera quality and a poor UI I would recommend forking out the extra £40 for the Moto E or the Nokia Lumia 630 if you're not intimidated by the prospect of Windows Phone.

Don't write the Smart 4 Mini off altogether though, as it would be a good investment as a second handset or an emergency stopgap between models.

Nokia Lumia 635

Since the Nokia Lumia 630 launched, a tweaked version dubbed the Nokia Lumia 635 has also arrived. So what do those five extra little numbers get you? Not a lot to be honest. The main addition is 4G, which if you have or want a 4G contract is actually pretty handy, but other than that the only real change is that the finish on the 635 is glossy, while on the 630 it's matte.

Lumia 635

It's subjective as to which looks better, but what's undeniable is that the finish on the Lumia 635 can make it a little clammy to hold, which is unfortunate. The Lumia 635 is slightly more expensive than its older sibling both on contract and SIM-free, with many retailers charging around £100.

But if you can live with the gloss and the slight price hike it's probably the better buy, since you get 4G, while everything else from the screen to the processor is much the same.

Nokia Lumia 530

The Nokia Lumia 530 is one step down from the Lumia 630, with a smaller screen, an inferior processor and worse battery life. But it's still a snappy little handset and SIM free prices start at around £60, so it's a bit cheaper than the Lumia 630.

Lumia 530

Given that the Lumia 630 doesn't have the best battery life to begin with and this is even worse it's hard to recommend if you can afford to spend an extra £20, but if not the Lumia 530 is a decent entry-level smartphone.

The low price also makes it a better fit as a secondary phone or a festival phone than the Lumia 630, but it's undeniably an inferior choice as your main everyday handset.