LG X Screen review

The mid-range phone with the always-on second screen

LG X Screen review

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LG has created a well-balanced, affordable smartphone in the LG X Screen, but one where the supposedly standout features don't wholly convince.

We liked

The LG X Screen is a well-made mid-range phone that can be comfortably used single-handed, which is a rarity in the world of Android.

It's also a strong performer despite its modest specs, with a fluid (if occasionally ugly) UI and admirable battery life.

All of this, and it'll only set you back around £200/US$360/AU$485 at launch, which is a good - if not unique - price.

We disliked

It's a shame that the LG X Screen's headline feature - its second screen - is somewhat superfluous. It's not bad, as such, just faintly inconsequential.

Another of the phone's box-ticking specs is its 8MP front-facing camera, but this too is disappointingly ineffectual.

Finally, while the phone feels good in the hand, it's about time LG dropped the faux-metal plastic edge for good. Seriously. It's not a good look.


If you're looking for an affordable Android phone with a solid design, strong performance, sterling battery life, and a competent camera, the LG X Screen is a reasonable choice.

However, the headline-grabbing second screen is a bit of a gimmick, and its 8MP selfie camera isn't as sharp as you might be hoping.

With the latest Moto G giving you more for less, the LG X Screen may find itself in a somewhat precarious position at this competitive end of the market.

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First reviewed: June 2016