LG Chocolate BL20 review

Smooth and slim - but is this a case of style over substance?

The definitive LG Chocolate BL20 review
The definitive LG Chocolate BL20 review

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The MP3 player fielded on the LG Chocolate BL20 is standard issue mid-tier fare. It doesn't do anything particular whizzy, presenting music playing categories in a regular list format, while the player controls are operated by the touch navigation pad.

There are a familiar set of options for equaliser sound tweaking, plus shuffle and repeat, and cover art is supported if available.

LG chocolate bl20

The BL20's software automatically identifies new music and files it accordingly, with the likes of MP3, AAC, AAC+ and WMA files supported.

Music can be loaded onto the phone using the USB sync cable and supplied LG PC Suite software, via Bluetooth, or slipped quietly in through the optional MicroSD card (optional because you have to buy the thing – damn you LG).

The phone has a modest 60MB of internal storage, although it supports MicroSDs up to 16GB, slipped in under the back cover. Mass storage drag-and-dropping is another file transfer option.

LG chocolate bl20

There's no 3.5mm headphone socket on the BL20's bodywork, although the supplied 2-piece headset does have an adaptor that allows you to plug in your own ear-gear via the awkward side-mounted multi-purpose microUSB socket.

We say awkward, but what we mean is hair-tuggingly frustrating when you try to pull the phone out of your pocket when listening to tunes, only to find it caught on that pointless little coin pocket – forcing you to wiggle and dance and realise you should probably lose some weight.

Sound quality through the supplied earphones is decently acceptable, with a reasonably well balanced sound across the frequency range; it can be a touch toppy however, but has punchy bass underpinning it.

LG chocolate bl20

Try better quality headphones, like our reference affordable Sennheiser CX300's, and you'll get a much richer audio experience – something we'd definitely recommend trying.

In addition to the music player, the Chocolate BL20 includes a serviceable FM radio with RDS that's simple to tune either automatically or manually.

LG chocolate bl20

This can be played through the loudspeaker, though earphones need to be plugged in. The loudspeaker isn't particularly pleasing on the ears, in typically tinny mobile fashion – so it's a no-no on the bus or Tube.

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