LG BL40 Chocolate review

LG's new Chocolate is the latest addition to its Black Label line. But is it any good?

The LG BL40 Chocolate
The LG BL40 Chocolate

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The LG BL40 Chocolate is chock-full (sorry) of cool applications and games to be getting on with when you're bored when out and about. Admittedly, you'll tire of most of them quickly and then not know what to do, but some are really cool and all make use of the phone's capabilities.

For instance, there are a whole host of options under the Games and Applications icon, in the 'Fun Stuff' section. We're talking about things like Bubble Breeze, where you have to blow bubbles by blowing into the microphone. Apparently there's some kind of game to it, but we actually fell off our chair at one point because we got so light headed (sadly true).

LG bl40 chocolate bubbles

There's a variant on arcade favourite Bubble Bobble, a spot the difference game that gets far too hard too quickly in our opinion, and the coolest of the lot, a piano that you can play using the touchscreen.

Admittedly, some of these aren't super accurate (such as the piano - sadly) but they're still very much worth messing around with in idle moments... although we suggest you steer clear of Bubble Breeze in public.

LG bl40 chocolate

LG has decided to put a very good racing game in the LG BL40 Chocolate, Asphalt Elite 4, then another one, presumable of its own making, called Racing Time 2. The former is very cool - the latter is very slow paced and akin to walking round a race track and throwing your arms left and right to steer.

Monopoly, Tetris and Brain Challenge are all there too, although these are all only available as demos, which is why you can see the reasoning behind LG putting a load of fun little games in there too.

Other applications include the full Google Mobile suite under an icon in the menu, with Mail, Maps and Blogger all available, with YouTube also present, although this is merely a link to the recently upgraded YouTube Mobile.

LG bl40 chocolate piano

WisePilot for LG is also included, and serves as a pretty good mini-sat nav when Google Maps fails you. The GPS signal is found very quickly considering (just over a minute from being switched on, and much faster after that) and there are points of interest, directions and more onboard for the average lost-in-the-woods scenario (we're assuming you're lost in woods near to a town, as that's what would likely happen to us).

LG bl40 chocolate google suite

There's also the Movie Maker application which LG has insisted on putting on its phone for years now. It's basically the chance to cycle through a load of pictures to a musical track - can somebody please tell LG this isn't a movie maker, it's a glorified PowerPoint on the mobile?


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