HTC Inspire 4G review

The HTC Inspire 4G might be a budget phone, but it's far from uninspiring.

HTC Inspire
Inspired or just plain insipid?

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HTC inspire 4g

Speaking of video, the HTC Inspire 4G maxes out at 720p, although a plethora of lower settings are also available.

We were pleasantly surprised by the Inspire's image quality – despite some of the usual noise and artifacting we've seen with other HTC handsets, video recording was actually of better quality than something like the Amaze 4G, which is theoretically capable of recording 1080p but produced much lower-quality video.

YouTube :

HTC inspire 4g

Both photo and video are capable of custom image adjustments for sharpness, saturation, contrast and exposure and either automatic or manual white balance for four of the most common scenarios (incandescent, fluorescent, daylight and cloudy).

Users can also choose to record with or without audio, which is a nice touch.

HTC inspire 4g

Like other HTC camera apps, the Inspire 4G briefly shows remaining record time (for video) or number of images (for photos) when you tap the button in the lower right corner to switch between modes.

Since there's no front-facing camera here, you're left with either photo or video mode for the back camera, as well as turning dual-LED flash on or off, selecting an effect or jumping straight to your images to view what has already been taken.

HTC inspire 4g

While the Inspire 4G boasts autofocus, we found leaving it up to the handset to focus while recording video was a mixed bag – thankfully, a simple tap anywhere on the screen will usually set things right, and also adjust the exposure accordingly, where possible.