HTC Gratia review: Verdict

HTC gratia

Has the Gratia managed to ingratiate itself with us then? Well, the answer's yes and no.

We think it's a great little handset with plenty going for it, but it has no obvious point of strength to leverage when trying to claim a niche of the market, beyond the respectable core experience.

Overall, it's much like the Gratia's own rear face – part sleek gloss, part industrious workhorse, flirting with both but managing neither fully.

We liked

There are plenty of things it does well: your contacts are ably managed, calling is good and you'll find it simple to send messages and surf the web.

What's more, the rock solid core of HTC Sense/Android usability is fantastic, and there are plenty of good widgets/apps onboard that will make the main bulk of your day-to-day Gratia experience pleasurable from the get-go.

We disliked

Sadly, there's more than one part of the Gratia experience that's lacking the meat it needs to be convincing. To name a few, the less-than-ideally organised camera app, the juice-sapping GPS and disappointing Flash support.

Throw in a few behind-the-curve features – no HD video, no camera flash, the quickly taxed battery, and the slower than average processor – and it's hard to recommend the Gratia to everyone.


Whether or not you'll love the Gratia comes down to what you care about. If you're after an everyday smartphone at a reasonable price, this could more than ably scratch that itch. In fact, we'd recommend it over many other phones in this bracket.

If, however, you'd prefer a powerhouse packed with cutting-edge features, there's no doubt that this is too much of a compromise to satisfy. Camera cognoscenti also need not apply.

For the mid-priced market, though, some compromises are acceptable – if the Gratia's vices aren't concerns of yours, then buy this knowing you'll have a wonderful time.