BlackBerry Torch review

A slider, a touchscreen, a new approach. But can the Torch keep RIMs fire burning?

The definitive BlackBerry Torch 9800 review
The definitive BlackBerry Torch 9800 review

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BlackBerry Torch review: Comparison

It's hard to compare the Torch to a previous BlackBerry since, quite simply, there isn't one that's equivalent. There's the Storm 2, but that didn't have a physical keyboard.

bb storm 2

There's the Bold 9700, but that didn't have a touchscreen. And neither had OS 6. The Torch seems to sit in between them, but moves the experience on with its updated OS.

bb bold 9700

When it's closed, it has that corporate look. When it's open and the screen lights up, it looks fun and could be used by anybody.

Its nearest competitor is the newer Bold 9780. The only real difference between them is the fact that the Torch has a larger screen (the same resolution but spread over a larger area) and the touchscreen capabilities.

BlackBerry torch

But the Bold 9780 also undermines the Torch, since it can no longer be marketed as the only phone to be running OS 6 – it has been usurped by a newer model that feels sturdier. You acan't help but feel that RIM is trying to keep up with everyone else here and launching a touchscreen for the sake of it.