BlackBerry Torch review

A slider, a touchscreen, a new approach. But can the Torch keep RIMs fire burning?

The definitive BlackBerry Torch 9800 review
The definitive BlackBerry Torch 9800 review

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BlackBerry Torch review: Video

Video recording, however, leaves a lot to be desired. 640 x 480 is the limit, sadly.

BlackBerry torch

The Torch has a good camera, it has a good light (a torch, even), but why has RIM only kept the video at such a measly resolution? Viewing videos back isn't bad – it's just not good either. And that's a shame because you can see how much RIM is going for the media selling points with OS 6.

blackberry torch review

With blocky pictures and tinny audio, it once again makes you feel that in some ways, it just hasn't thought this through. It's not awful, it's just not mind blowing. The Torch could very well be capable of HD recording – but they've left it out because of the smaller processor. We'll see what happens when the Torch 2 is released.

Another let down with video is the option to send. You can film in MMS mode or you can film in full VGA mode. But you can't send VGA clips to others except by Bluetooth, YouTube or BBM, which is ridiculous.

Back in 2004, the Samsung D500 had a 1.3MP camera and it would not let you resize photos for MMS. That was a massive omission. And yet, seven years later, RIM still can't manage this for video (although it does with photos).

Here's why it's a problem – let's say you see something funny in the street and want to take a video, you'll have your Torch set on maximum (VGA resolution), because that's best for playback. But if you want to send it by MMS or email to somebody, you have to fiddle in the settings to get it to MMS mode, which takes time and you risk missing what you wanted to point-and-shoot at.

It wouldn't be impossible to add some kind of code that gives the option to resize for MMS. If Apple can manage it, if Nokia can manage it, then it's ridiculous that RIM can't offer it too.