LG Optimus Pad review
The LG Optimus Pad gets 3.5 out of 5 from us - but it's only a provisional score until we find out the price

android 3.0

In use, we have no complaints about the LG Optimus Pad.

It starts up fairly quickly, it's fast and responsive, and most of the hardware functions perfectly.

Wireless networks can be connected to very quickly, and 3G performance is as rapid as you'd expect it to be when there's a strong signal to be had.

Indeed, after running several different benchmarking apps, the Optimus Pad returns almost identical results to the other Android 3.0 tablets – which isn't too surprising seeing as it's powered by the same Tegra 2 platform .


Battery life

Because this is a pre-release model, we can't give you a precise battery life as it's subject to change.

However, we can confirm that it's at least a match for the other Android 3.0 tablets we've tested lately. With the screen on a medium brightness setting we were able to use the device on and off for a working day without draining the battery too much.

The fact that the Optimus Pad is basically packing the same CPU as the other Honeycomb tablets, whilst incorporating a smaller screen than the likes of the Xoom, means you can expect to get a bit more juice out of the battery anyway.