Gigaset QV830 review

How much tablet can you feasibly get for under £100?

Gigaset QV830 review
On your marks, Gigaset, go

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Beyond the awfully thrown-together tablets that flood eBay and Amazon under a variety of brands, there's only a handful of devices to consider under £100.

Other than the price of the Gigaset QV830, headlines such as the quad core processor, 5MP camera and 8-inch HD IPS screen all just about live up to their expectations, but there's few exciting features to shout about.

The design and build isn't anywhere close to the top end devices that the QV830 shares similarities with, such as the iPad Mini. Though the metal, rather than plastic, rear panel, expansive glass front and even the chrome edges, makeup a tablet that feels a little more premium than the price would suggest.

We liked

With a stock version of Android alongside the quad-core processor, 1GB of RAM and good connectivity, the specification is easily good enough to work through apps, HD video and light gaming. It's bargain at £99.

The build quality is pretty good all-round, and buttons are responsive, if a little small. Many budget devices creak when gripped firmly but this is not so with the QV830.

The rear camera was a pleasant surprise. I'm not one for holding my tablet aloft to take a photo, that's what smartphones are for. But if you happen to need to use the front or rear cameras, they're really not that bad.

We disliked

One thing tablets are often used for is watching video, and while the screen is good enough, the speaker is absolutely awful. It's so tinny that it actually hurts on full volume.

While the quad-core processor copes with casual use, it starts to struggle quite quickly in intensive games, or when there are multiple apps running.

The screen might be HD and IPS, but alongside the ultra high-res likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 or Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.4, the 1024 x 768 resolution is distinctly 2012. It's also highly-reflective and lacks an auto-brightness sensor.

Final verdict

With a design and build that punches above its price-point and reasonable specification, the Gigaset QV830 is all the tablet you could possibly expect for £99, and actually surprises in a couple of regards.

If you spend a little more, then there are more powerful tablets around, such as the Google Nexus 7, or more features to be had on the Advent Vega Tegra Note 7.

However, if your budget is fixed, and you're not looking to play the latest and greatest games, then the larger (if lower res) screen and metallic feel might be enough to keep you content.