Often in tablet reviews, particularly reviews for tablets that don't sit at the top end of the market, we bemoan the quality of the rear-facing camera and question its worth to the device as a whole.

So, it's with some pleasure that we can report that Archos has decided not to offer a digital snapper to the 101 XS, with the only camera in place being a front-facing webcam that's capable of shooting 720p HD action.

Archos 101 XS review

Sure, it means that any augmented reality apps are a no-no, and you won't be able to take fun snaps when you're out and about, but - and this is a big plus point - it will prevent you from using your tablet to record video at a gig or event, and thus save you from looking like a complete idiot.

In all seriousness, for us the lack of a rear facing camera isn't that big of a deal on a tablet, but we can understand that it might be for someone forking out £300/$360 when similarly priced tablets do offer one.