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MacUpdate Desktop 5.0.6 review

Update all your Mac apps in one go

MacUpdate Desktop 5.0.6
You can choose to update all your applications at once, though it might take a long time


  • Fast scanning/updating of apps
  • Cheap
  • Very simple to use


  • US-only pricing for paid upgrades

Keeping OS X up to date is easy: just wait for Software Update to tell you that there's new software waiting for you and download it. However, Software Update only covers the main operating system and a few extra bits and pieces.

MacUpdate Desktop 5 attempts to bridge this gap and become a software update tool for all your applications, widgets, preference panes and plug-ins.

It scans your hard disk and checks for available updates. Once the scan is complete, every app that's out of date can be updated in one fell swoop. Where updates are paid for rather than free, you can click on a link within the application to purchase them. Sadly, this is for US pricing only.

Our scan took just a few moments to find 50-odd apps that were out of date. Naturally, the time to download will vary, but to get our apps up to date took no more than 30 minutes.

Some of the apps didn't update as expected and there wasn't much of an explanation as to why, but simply highlighting the app and trying to download again rectified this.

If you'd rather update manually you can, and as you click on each update you're given a brief description of the bug fixes and enhancements included. For $20 (£13), MacUpdate Desktop is good value for money and does its job with little fuss.

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