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BrawerSoft uBar review

A dock alternative that emulates the Windows taskbar – sort of

BrawerSoft uBar
A shocking attempt at creating an OS X dock alternative

Our Verdict

This app was so bad that we had to have a nice cup of tea and a little walk to calm down


  • None


  • Buggy
  • Poorly designed

We get the idea behind uBar – it's a vaguely Windows-like task bar that might appeal to people who dislike the OS X dock.

However, uBar is ugly and buggy. Bizarrely, clicking its clock launches the Date & Time System Preferences, and it doesn't enable you to access Dock menu items.

For an encore, uBar crashed twice during testing, and also wandered away from the foot of the screen. If it was free, we'd go easier on it, but it's $15.

If you really want something other than the Dock, go for DragThing.

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