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iwascoding GarageSale 5 review

Our favourite eBay-lister stumbles with its YouTube integration

garagesale 5
Like iSale, this improves the speed of eBay listings and handles after-sales. We like GarageSale best

Our Verdict

Video integration was poorly handled but the app remains robust and easy to work with


  • Cover Flow-style browsing
  • Excellent template choices
  • Thorough auction activity reporting
  • Dramatically increases eBay productivity
  • Free upgrade path


  • Poor YouTube integration

GarageSale and iSale update themselves with near-identical features at near-identical times of the year. They are both now on version 5, an update bringing YouTube video integration.

Sadly, GarageSale seems to have dropped the ball with this integration; the feature is buried, counter-intuitive to use and poorly explained in the updated manual.

We gave up after an hour of trying to insert a video into a listing and we know the app well.

Simple interface

Happily, elsewhere the general interface is much improved. It now includes Cover Flow-style displaying of templates, and a very simple iLife-like layout.

You can edit in Preview mode, which feels more dynamic. Resizing and deleting elements is easy, and there are good admin tools.

Messages from eBay members also appear in a folder inside GarageSale, and the report writing, invoicing and after-sales side have been rounded out by the inclusion of detailed PayPal activity, too.

Best of all is the tight Address Book integration. Winning bidders can be added smoothly to Address Book to create an instant mailshot group for advertising future sales.

Cheaper option

Despite the failed video integration, we prefer GarageSale to iSale. Both are roughly equal at listing, but GarageSale offers a painless upgrade path.

Version 5 is free for GarageSale 4 users, and even some later GarageSale 3 users, whereas Equinux charges you for every upgrade.

We also cry foul at the way Equinux prompts you to download the new version with little warning that it will cost money to activate and lock you out of your previous version.

I Was Coding, on the other hand, quite rightly takes pride in its user path and fair licensing agreement.

So, we prefer GarageSale to iSale, but really there's not much in it. Demo versions for both apps are available.