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HyperDock review

Windows 7 features for your Mac and more

Top-left: window-management; bottom-left: Dock thumbnail previews; right: a 'snapped' window


  • Great window management
  • Handy Dock shortcuts
  • Editable delays for actions


  • No window-snapping shortcuts

Mac users often criticise Windows, but Microsoft's operating system has plenty of interesting features that would work well on the Mac. It just so happens that HyperDock brings some of them to Mac OS X, bundling setup options into a handy System Preferences pane.

HyperDock's features cover window management and Dock addons. Some window management features ape Aero Snap in a manner similar to Irradiated Software's Cinch – drag a window to the left or right screen edge to make it cover half the screen; drag a window to the top edge to make it full-screen. You can also drag a window to the bottom edge to make it cover the bottom half of the screen.

In addition, HyperDock enables you to drag and resize windows from anywhere by holding modifier keys and moving the cursor.

For the Dock, HyperDock mirrors Windows 7's thumbnail previews, providing overviews of open windows, which can be accessed by a click or closed directly from the preview. Safari, iCal and iTunes optionally display tabs, events and the current track, respectively. This is less useful than the window management features, since Dock Exposé does much the same thing at least as elegantly.

But HyperDock also provides custom shortcuts for each Dock item; you can define actions (New Window, Exposé and others) and assign a keyboard/mouse combination of your choosing.

In use, HyperDock is stable, and options and exclusions enable you to deactivate components you don't use. And for only a little more outlay than Cinch, it offers far better value.

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