Avanquest WebEasy 8 Professional

You don't need to be a web designer to use modern web-design software

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Our Verdict

WebEasy tries to walk the line between pro and novice software, but stumbles badly over both


  • Good templates
  • Well-priced


  • Restrictive for advanced users
  • Confusing for novices

WebEasy 8 is a bit of a compromise for any potential website designer. More advanced users are likely to find it restrictive, as the templates are rigid and editing HTML is a tricky process.

Novice users will find the interface pretty unpleasant to use, as many of the built-in tools are difficult to find.

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The Professional version of the software includes hosting for three months and a free subdomain – you'll need to look to the Platinum edition to get a proper domain included along with a full year of hosting.

There's the usual raft of site templates on offer, including a selection for iPhones and other mobiles, and they are generally of a high standard.

WebEasy 8 is a good example of a program that attempts to walk the fine line between advanced and beginner web-design tools and ends up falling into neither camp.

While there's not a great deal intrinsically wrong with the software, there's also little to make it stand out. Extended use proves to be a frustrating experience.

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