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One For All 6 Kameleon review

Looks good in the dark and presses all the right buttons

Our Verdict

Its simplicity makes it an impressive clutter-reliever

The downside to home cinema is you need an octopus to handle all the remotes. Enter One For All's Kameleon controller, complete with funky glow-in-the-dark display (handy when recreating cinema lighting in the home). We were masters of our TV, Sky box, VCR, DVD player and CD-spinner in seconds.

Learning functions from other remotes was also simple, and Internet upgrades mean the handset will never be obsolete.

It's slightly too long (prompting the occasional girl-style two-handed approach), it requires porn star-like fingernails for the narrow buttons and the silver finish is naff, but this device's simplicity makes it an impressive clutter-reliever.