Sony SMU-M10 Travel Mouse

Fine notebook mouse that tucks into a pocket

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Our Verdict

An excellent portable mouse. Very easy to recommend


  • Simple, sensible design

    Works from a keyboard's USB port

    Trouble-free set-up and use

We've seen many of these super-slim mice over the years but this one really stands out. It's strong and cunningly designed and doesn't try any Bluetooth or wireless antics, which can so often be a bit fiddly on these small things.

Power comes from a simple USB cable that docks with your laptop with a low enough draw to run off an Apple keyboard's USB port, something that some other similarly powered mice can't do. The USB wire wraps away into the hollowed-out sides of the body.

You get four controls: left-click, right-click, scroll and click-scroll, and they work well. Mac OS integration is full and no driver install is necessary.

We had no complaints with this mouse. It tracks well and takes up very little space. It wouldn't be any better with more buttons or wireless ability - it's just a well-balanced, well-presented mouse and we're happy enough with that.