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Gladiator Titan PCA6550 review

Can this PCs performance live up to its great gaming looks?

The Antec Nine Hundred isn't only a gorgeous case, it also offers excellent airflow


  • 4GB of RAM
  • Well designed, stylish chassis


  • Slow processor
  • Noisy

Designing the perfect £799 PC is all about compromise and the Gladiator Titan PCA6550 is a perfect example.

Its Core 2 Duo E6550 processor is quite slow, for instance, but saving money on the CPU means that Gladiator can afford to include 4GB of RAM, potentially a good trade-off.

Gorgeous design

The inclusion of a 19-inch monitor, when most are delivering 22-inch models, also puts the system at a disadvantage. Once again though, Gladiator's spent the savings wisely.

The Antec Nine Hundred isn't only a gorgeous case (all black metal and red lights for a real industrial look), it also offers excellent airflow.

There's more cooling from a quality heat sink and a good 600W power supply will cope if you add more hardware later.

Quality components

This system is based around solid, quality components, is ideal for expanding later and it did come top of our memory bandwidth test. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough to produce notable performances elsewhere.

The 256MB GeForce 8600 GT delivers a 3DMark 2006 score of 3,147. That's adequate for gaming, but the system was eclipsed by other systems, while it did well in the more all-round PCMark Vantage test.

While this case excels at keeping your hardware cool, its large fan also generates more noise than most of the competition. This probably isn't the best living room PC.

The Titan PCA6550 may be worth considering if you're a gamer who wants an expandable, overclockable system. Otherwise, while this is a likeable system, you'll be better off elsewhere.