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Seagate FreeAgent Pro review

As much sculpture as storage device, the FreeAgent Pro cuts a dash

Clearly, external hard drives don’t always have to resemble ugly brick

Our Verdict

Works as good as it looks


  • Unique, attractive design
  • Strong performer
  • Fair asking price


  • No additional Firewire 800 port, if that bothers you

So, think that you know what an external hard drive looks like (a brick probably springs to mind)? Then check out the new Seagate FreeAgent Pro. More objet d'art than computer peripheral, the sculpted, vertically standing body of the drive looks wonderfully elegant, and the effect is even more striking when you turn it on and the internal orange lighting begins to glow.

Getting down to the business of data storage, it soon becomes apparent that the FreeAgent Pro's beauty is more than skin deep. Despite a very reasonable £150 asking price, the storage capacity is a voluminous 750GB and the connection options include USB and eSATA, as well as an additional FireWire 400 module.

There's no additional FireWire 800 port, but most PC users won't be upset about that particular omission. You can also purchase a version of the same drive without the FireWire module, but both models cost pretty much the same when buying online so you might as well get the FireWire functionality thrown in as well.

Easy content handling

In our tests, the speed of the Seagate FreeAgent Pro was reasonably good. Equally beneficial is the Data Mover software that's bundled with the drive, which makes an especially good job of seamlessly synchronising data and moving or copying different files and folders to desired locations, including email accounts, online services and digital music players. All in all, this is one hard drive that's easy to live with and difficult to fault. Good work, Seagate.