OCZ Agility 2 60GB review

Low cost Sandforce SSD for the win?

OCZ Agility 2 60GB
Low-cost, low-cap, high speed?

TechRadar Verdict

A superb drive, but no reason to buy it over the faster Vertex 2.


  • +

    Excellent write performance

  • +

    Top tier read for small files


  • -

    Not the fastest sequential read speeds

  • -

    Vertex 2 is same price

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Is the OCZ Agility 2 the low-capacity, low-cost Sandforce SSD of choice? There's only one way to find out...

Anyone who wants the best performance from their PC will know the advantages of using a high speed solid state drive for system files and important applications.

The question is, which one?

There are a lot of SSDs around with wildly varying prices and performance. OCZ alone has eight different product lines in a range of sizes from 32GB to 400GB. It gets a little confusing.

There's the Onyx, the Vertex, the Vertex 2, the Vertex LE, the Vertex 2 LE, the Vertex EX, the Vertex 2 EX, the Vertex 2 Pro and, finally, the drive we're looking at today, the Agility 2.

OCZ classifies the Agility 2 as its second tier range behind the Vertex 2. As one of the very few drives which use the new and much anticipated Sandforce SF-1200 controller, though, it's a class above most existing SSDs available.

There are a load of technical advantages to the new controller but the key one is that it supports the TRIM feature in Windows 7 and Linux kernels from 2.6.33 on, which streamlines the Agility 2's ability to write data over other drives which use an older architecture.

But what does that mean in performance terms?