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Corsair Nova V64 64GB review

This SSD has real world performance some others would love to have

Corsair Nova V64 64GB
The real world performance is solid, but it struggles slightly in the synthetic benchmarks


  • Great application performance
  • Proven Indilinx controller


  • TRIM support plus cleaner utility
  • Corsair website lacks clarity

What are your minimum requirements for an SSD? We know what ours are. First, we'd like a controller chipset that not only delivers good performance but keeps doing so for longer than a few weeks.

Next, we want enough space for our operating system of choice and our favourite apps. We definitely don't want to shunt application installs onto a secondary drive. Finally, we'd rather not flog Granny to the glue factory to pay for it.

At first glance, Corsair's latest budget-orientated drive, the Corsair Noca V64, nails the lot. It's powered by the proven Indilinx Barefoot controller.

Not the fastest SSD chip in town, perhaps; but thanks to frequent firmware polishing, it's now a very consistent performer. In fact, the Nova V64 beats all comers in our file decompression benchmark.

Admittedly, the margin is small enough to be within the realms of error. We don't think the V64 is actually the fastest drive here in any objective sense. Indeed, it's well behind on both sequential reads and 4k random performance.

However, when it comes to real-world performance, it's clearly no slouch. Subjectively, the end-user experience is up there with the best.

It also packs support for the crucial TRIM command along with a cleaner tool enabling you to buff the drive manually.

Affordably priced

Likewise, at £150 the Nova V64 is competitive if not conspicuously bargainous for a 64GB SSD. More to the point, it's broadly affordable, allowing Granny hope of a ripe old age.

All of which means our only major concern is the drive's capacity. Is 59.5GB formatted truly enough?

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