Crucial Ballistix 2GB

DDR2 still has a lot to offer - just look at the price

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  • Much cheaper than DDR3

    Decent performance


  • Limited lifespan

As it's important to compare new technology with what is already available to you out there, so if you're looking for memory sticks of the DDR3 variety, maybe it's an idea to remind yourself of what DDR2 currently has to offer.

Costing a third of that of DDR3 memory sticks, there's little doubt that this memory is in a completely different league when it comes to the price-performance stakes. If nothing else, it makes DDR2 the memory of choice if you're looking at going over the 2GB mark, as the alternative is simply too expensive.

When tested in operation, there's still a lot to like about the current standard. While it doesn't offer your computer anywhere near the same bandwidth in Sandra, the real-world tests certainly don't lag behind the newer standard by £200's worth.

Whether you're looking to upgrade from a pair of 512MB sticks or even less, or adding to your current stack, this represents a great option. Admittedly, though, it's not going to last you as long or be as future-proof as a stack of DDR3.