Steelseries Flux Headset review

An excellent option for the gamer on the go

Steelseries Flux Headset
Steelseries Flux Headset

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The Steelseries Flux has a durable design, comfy fit and some truly thoughtful features. While it's likely the best travel headset currently on the market, serious and sedentary games would be well served with a more expensive 5.1 investment. However, if you're picking up a second set of cans for travel, or just want to save some cash, you can't go wrong with the Flux.

Steelseries Flux headset review

We liked

It's obvious that a lot of thought went into the design of the Flux. Options like dual audio jacks, a built in splitter and in-line controls make it a versatile device that's a good value for the money. While they're not terribly stylish, you wouldn't be embarrassed to wear the Flux around town as headphones.

It's also extremely comfortable, with a light, cushioned grip that won't slide off your head except with vigorous activity.

It's durable and built for travel. The way it curls up to protect itself means you can jam it in a backpack without a second thought, and the heavy rubber cables won't tangle up in your pocket.

The audio quality is reasonably good as well. You're not going to find a headset at this price that sounds much better than the Flux.

We disliked

While the audio quality is good enough for average music fans and gamers on the go, it's not spectacular. Professional gamers and serious audiophiles will find it below their standards.

We also wish there was a cable with inline volume control. That would've made the Flux truly excellent for listening on the go.

Finally, it's just not that great looking unless you spend more on faceplates and ear cushions. Speaking of spending more, some very useful accessories, like the cord extension, are only in the more expensive Luxury version.


The Steelseries Flux headset is an excellent travel headset and a very good, Jack-of-all-trades product. It's great for hauling around to LAN parties, and if you often find yourself with a fellow traveler watching DVDs on a plane, the compact design and built-in splitter are absolutely ideal.

Steelseries Flux headset review

For something durable and comfortable that travels well, look no further than the Flux. However, if you want truly great sound and are willing to spend the money on something more delicate, consider a full 5.1 headset.