Xbox One Digital TV Tuner review

The Xbox One's campaign for living room domination continues

Xbox One Digital TV Tuner

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The Xbox One doesn't just want to be something you play games on. It's also set on becoming the hub for your entire home entertainment experience and within that context the Digital TV Tuner accessory is a significant (and surprisingly affordable) step.

It doesn't do all that much in itself, of course; it just lets your console access the Freeview broadcasts coming through your aerial. But it's when this core functionality is combined with the Xbox One's One Guide, multi-tasking and Smart Glass technology that it becomes much more than just 'TV through your games console'.

We liked

The tuner is cheaper than expected, and extremely easy to install. It syncs effortlessly with the features of the One Guide, and being able to second screen to tablets and phones is a welcome bonus.

We disliked

Watching TV through a console won't suit all households (especially technophobic ones). A second tuner would have been great, and the console is more likely to crash while watching TV than your TV would be.


The Xbox One Digital TV Tuner does exactly what it says on the tin, and does it rather well while costing less than might have been expected. In fact, it almost single-handedly enables the Xbox One to make the shift from games console to genuine home entertainment centre.

Questions remain for me over how many households actually want their Xbox One to become their whole home entertainment hub. But for those that do and don't have Sky or Virgin boxes already, the Digital TV Tuner is pretty much an essential purchase.

John Archer
AV Technology Contributor

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