The eBook is a much simpler device than the Amazon Kindle; no keyboard, no wireless connection and no automatically connected ebook account.

Instead, once you get tired with the 100 free classics (ranging from Austin, Kafka and Shakespeare to obscure tales of the Wild West, all of them out of copyright and on Project Gutenberg), you have to connect it to your PC via the USB cable and copy ebooks across.

elonex ebook usb

You can drag and drop unprotected files (in HTML, text, PDF and ePub formats) onto the internal storage or the SD card but don't put the SD card into your PC to copy files on directly as they won't show up in the library, and neither will ebooks you've put on the SD card via USB previously

elonex ebook sd card

The eBook has 512Mb of storage; enough for about 1,000 books. If you want to fit more ebooks on, you can buy a 4GB SD card which comes with a leather case. The cover will protect the screen and make the eBook feel a little sturdier.

The downside of being so light (180g) and thin is that the unit feels flimsy and flexes a little if you apply pressure at the corner; the matte, slightly rubbery finish also shows grease and dust. The case bulks the eBook up – and covers the labels for the buttons, which means you have to learn the order, pry up the edge of the case or turn it sideways and decode the icons.