Cloud Nine The Wide Iron review

Will these popular hair straighteners serve you well just in time for the party season? We find out...

Cloud Nine The Wide Iron
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TechRadar Verdict

With their comfortable handle, variable temperature controls and premium finish, we think Cloud Nine’s The Wide Iron straighteners are an excellent choice. They come with mineral-infused plates to easily glide through wide sections of your hair with ease. While this delivers smooth results, we found hair remained full of body. Best suited to hair that's thick and long, we found they work well across all hair types.


  • +

    Heats to highest temperature in under 30 seconds

  • +

    Wide plates that work well for long, thick hair and finer hair alike

  • +

    Good variable temperature range from 100-200°C


  • -

    Plates may feel too bulky for some

  • -

    Plates may prove a little too wide for very fine hair

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Cloud Nine The Wide Iron one-minute review

If you're looking for a hair styling tool that delivers party-ready hair, the Cloud Nine The Wide Iron hair straighteners are definitely worth considering. In fact, in our opinion, they're one of the best Dyson Airwrap dupes you can find online. The Wide Iron hair straighteners are also a great companion to one of the best hair dryers for 2022.

Created by professional hairdresser Robert Powls in 2009, global brand Cloud Nine now sells a wide range of hair dryers, straighteners and wands. Each product is made in South Korea; Cloud Nine states that it is the only place in the world with the hair-healing mineral Sericite, which is infused into each of the Cloud Nine designs. 

We found Cloud Nine’s The Wide Iron one of the most versatile hair straighteners in the company’s range. Wider than standard hair straighteners, they offer a variable temperature range of 100-200°C, which makes them suitable for various hair types –from fine to thick. 

While these straighteners are aimed at those with thick and long hair, and can tackle wavy heads to those with tight Type 4 curl patterns effectively, we think the lower heat temperature can work well on thinner hair. The Wide Iron's mineral-infused plates measure 90 x 38mm, which is wider than standard Cloud Nine hair straighteners that averages around 90 x 23mm in size. This means you can straighten a wider section of hair and complete your look in fewer strokes, making these straighteners an effective and efficient solution. 

Considering the width of the plates here, we think the design of Cloud Nine’s The Wide Iron feels balanced and surprisingly lightweight in the hand. We were particularly impressed by how quickly and efficiently the straighteners heat up, too, reaching 100°C in just 10 seconds, and up to their highest temperature of 200°C in under 30 seconds. The Wide Iron's temperature dial is easily positioned, allowing you to make adjustments with ease. Overall, these hair straighteners are a great choice for anyone who's keen to style quickly and get on with their day. 


Cloud Nine The Wide Iron price and availability

  • List price: from £159/ AU$339
  • Available in UK & Australia

The Wide Iron hair straighteners can currently be bought in a black finish for £159 direct from the Cloud Nine website, or for £169 if you choose the The Wide Iron Gift Set, which includes a carry case worth £25. 

Alternatively, you can find them in the Evergreen finish for £149 over at Amazon, which includes a carry case, a silicone heat guard and extra styling tools – offering great value. The Wide Iron can also be bought direct from the Australian Cloud Nine website for $339, and this includes extra accessories such as a protective heat guard, heat-resistant style case and a 200ml magical potion that reduces frizz and conditions hair. 

Price and availability score: 4.5 / 5 

Cloud Nine The Wide Iron design

  • Wider than average plates that are ideal for thick, long hair  
  • Floating plates minimise drag and friction as you style 
  • Long 3m cord to deliver flexibility in use   

The Cloud Nine The Wide Iron hair straighteners sport a stylish matte black finish that's smooth to touch and feels luxurious. Their handle is comfortable to hold, and the plates feel easy to manoeuvre over hair from the root to tip. 

Cloud Nine Wide Irons comfortable to hold

Cloud Nine Wide Irons are comfortable to hold (Image credit: Future / Emily Peck)

Despite featuring wider than average floating plates, The Wide Iron straighteners feel surprisingly light in hand at just 0.52kg. In terms of length they appear pretty average, measuring 26.6cm long and 3cm on the handle width. Nevertheless, those wide plates allow you to style wider sections of hair for speedier results. 

The Wide Iron straighteners sport a compact design and come with a protective heat guard that keeps the plates together for neat storage when not in use. The protective heat guard is included in the price; but buy the gift set version of these straighteners and you'll get the heat-resistant style case in the box, too. This case is ideal for storing your hair straighteners neatly in a drawer and is particularly useful when travelling. 

Cloud Nine with heat guard on

The heart guard is useful for protecting surfaces after use (Image credit: Future / Emily Peck)

We particularly welcomed the positioning of the temperature control on the inside of the straighteners. It means you won't easily knock the controls, turning the temperature up or off by mistake, when styling. Note that the floating plates here are designed to cushion the impact of hair between the plates, avoiding drag and friction to keep split ends and breakage to a minimum. We appreciated the finish  these hair straighteners create, and welcomed the long 3m cord that delivers plenty of flexibility when styling in front of the mirror. 

Design score: 4.5 / 5 

Cloud Nine temperature control

We liked that the temperature settings are positioned inside the straighteners (Image credit: Future)

Cloud Nine The Wide Iron performance

  • Mineral-infused ceramic plates 
  • Plates come with Sericite mineral to seal hair cuticle
  • Variable temperature control from 100-200°C

To test how well the Cloud Nine The Wide Iron performed, we tried them on our thick and wavy hair that's often prone to frizz. We were impressed with the results, and particularly appreciated how easy it was to change the temperature from 100°C to 200°C. 

The Wide Iron straighteners heat up very quickly, which is super-convenient. While the packaging states they can reach temperature in 20 seconds, in our tests we saw them go from cold to 200°C in just 28 seconds – this is an impressive speed for such wide iron plates. We did a quick touch test and noticed that the heat felt evenly distributed, too, which gives the hair a smooth and even finish. 

Working our way round the head from the base layer of hair to the top, we found the 175°C temperature hot enough to smooth out any frizz and waves. We increased the temperature to 200°C to tackle the top back section of our head, which is more prone to stubborn waves and frizz. While it took more than one stroke to smooth out the hair here, we achieved suitably smooth results. Note that the other great thing about The Wide Iron hair straighteners is that their plates are great for creating large wavy curls too.

To see how well the Wide Iron straighteners work on other hair types, we also tried them on fine, shoulder-length blonde hair. We opted for a lower temperature setting  on fine hair since the top temperature felt too warm for finer locks. We found the hair straighteners passed through the hair easily, delivering smooth results without too many fly-away strands. 

Performance score: 4.5 / 5 

Cloud Nine The Wide Iron score card

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Price & availabilityWe think the Cloud Nine The Wide Iron offer great value for their premium feel. 4.5 / 5
DesignThe Wide Iron feel balanced in hand and lightweight, with easy to navigate temperature controls and an ample 3m cord. 4.5 / 5
PerformanceThese hair straighteners heat up fast, with their floating plates delivering smooth hair while maintaining body.4.5 / 5

Should I buy the Cloud Nine The Wide Iron?

Buy it if...

You have thick or curly hair 

We found the mineral-infused ceramic plates glide very easily over wavy and curly hair, and the 200°C temperature works particularly well for smoothing thick hair. 

You want flexible temperature settings 

With a variable temperature range from 100-200°C, it's easy to minimise heat damage.

You want fast and effective results 

The combinations of the Wide Iron straighteners' wide plates and their ability to heat up quickly makes them super-efficient at straightening large sections of hair effectively.

Don't buy it if...

You have short hair 

You may find the floating plates on The Wide Iron a little too bulky for use on very short hair and fine bangs. Cloud Nine's The Micro Iron may be a better option for more precise styling. 

You have fine hair 

The Wide Iron hair straighteners are aimed at longer, thicker hair, working at temperatures up to 200°C. If using them to style fine hair, it's wise to opt for the lower temperature that start at 100°C to minimise heat damage. 

  • First reviewed: December 2022
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