Sony NEX-6 review

Another NEX with Wi-Fi and apps

Sony NEX-6
Sony's NEX-6 is a compact system camera with Wi-Fi

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Sony had lots of critical success with the NEX-7, while the cameras in its NEX-5 range have always proven quite popular. Here the company appears to be combining the high quality of the NEX-7 with the popularity of the NEX-5.

The Sony NEX-6 manages to extract a lot of information from its 16.1 megapixel sensor, and delivers images with lots of detail and attractive colours.

It's also an enjoyable camera to use, with the EVF providing an alternative means of composing images for those who prefer it or when the lighting conditions dictate it. And there are some fun Picture Effects.

However, the fact that the LCD screen isn't as versatile as the one on the Sony NEX-5R is odd. It's a shame that it's not a fully articulating device. Having a tilting screen encourages you to shoot from more interesting angles, but it only helps with landscape format images.

A touchscreen would also make it much easier to add login details and select AF points.

We liked

Being able to add functionality to the camera with apps and share images directly via the Wi-Fi connectivity makes the Sony NEX-6 seem very up to date, but it would be pointless if the images were of a low standard.

Fortunately the image quality is high, and there are picture effects that replicate the creative effects we see being used everywhere these days.

We disliked

The Sony NEX-6 is so close to being a fantastic camera, the only thing that is really holding it back from being bang-up to the minute is that the screen only flips up rather than twisting around, and it's not touch-sensitive.

Final verdict

Sony has produced a very likable, capable camera that is complemented well by the new powerzoom lens. Its controls can be customised to suit the photographer, it has helpful technology borrowed from a smartphone and it delivers images of impressively high quality.

For many photographers that is more than enough, but some like us may look at the likes of the Panasonic G5 and ask why the Sony NEX-6 can't have a similar screen. We want all the toys.