As one of the early innovators of compact system cameras, Samsung is really trying hard to be noticed in what is now a very crowded marketplace.

Unfortunately, the company still doesn't seem to have quite got there. Although the Samsung NX210 is capable of producing some very pleasing images, it's nothing that can't be equalled, or bettered, by other cameras currently on the market.

The odd quirk aside, handling is reasonable, especially if you're already using a Samsung compact camera or perhaps a mobile phone.

The addition of Wi-Fi could have been a real selling point here. While it's true that the ability to quickly upload photos to Facebook and the like without having to connect a cable is reasonably fun, the novelty soon wears off if you want to include a caption longer than three words.

A remote viewfinder could have really made this camera stand out from the crowd, but with almost zero functionality, we struggle to see the point.

We liked

Images have lots of detail, while colours are represented accurately and vibrantly. The camera looks stylish, especially when paired with a smaller, pancake-style lens.

We disliked

The only major difference between this and its predecessor is the addition of Wi-Fi. This could have been great, but unfortunately it falls well short of the mark.

Final verdict

The Samsung NX210 is stuck in the middle of Samsung's range. With only Wi-Fi separating it and its now retired predecessor, the Samsung NX200, this is an expensive proposition for what it is.

Perhaps if Samsung can offer a firmware upgrade to improve the Wi-Fi functionality, it might fare better.

Those looking for something cheaper in the Samsung range may like to take a look at the Samsung NX1000, while those after something more akin to a DSLR should take a look up to the Samsung NX20.