Despite some issues with speed and a somewhat odd playback mode, the Samsung NX1000 offers photographers making the jump to interchangeable lens cameras a lot of flexibility and creative potential.

Image quality is the main thing at the end of the day, and the Samsung NX1000's vibrant, realistic colours, sharp detail and ability to contain noise makes it a great option for someone looking to get more serious with their photography.

We liked

The in-camera editing options can really help rescue some otherwise wasted shots, and the range of creative art filters and Picture Wizard colour effects give photographers even more options. Noise is well-contained at higher ISOs. Options to make image adjustments during video recording help make the camera a powerful tool.

We disliked

Speed. Even switching to faster memory cards and shooting just JPEGs, the Samsung NX1000 is still slow between shots. And while colour rendition was great in the standard shooting modes, in the NX1000's scene modes the effects were often too exaggerated.

Final verdict

The Samsung NX1000 may be plastic-bodied and a little slow at times, but it's quite a capable camera with a number of genuinely useful features that photographers will use often.

Given the street price the Samsung NX1000 now fetches and the camera's image quality and flexibility, this is both a great 'first serious camera' and one that even more experienced photographers might want to keep in their hand bag or briefcase for those decisive moments on your daily commute.