Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX20 review

A tough camera doesn't have to be ugly

Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX20
The Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-TX20 is a rugged camera with style

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In the style stakes, the Sony Cyber-Shot TX20 is streets ahead of the competition, marrying its ruggedness with a slim, aesthetically pleasing design that's certainly a lot less utilitarian looking than most of its tough rivals.

While some aspects of this camera's design lead us to question just how apt the Sony TX20 is to resisting dust and water ingress (we're thinking of the sliding front cover in particular here), overall the attention to detail in terms of the menu layout and ease of use are right on the money.

The touchscreen interface works well and the controls are beginner-friendly, with a decent array of exposure modes – plus some in-camera creative features – helping to broaden the Sony TX20's appeal further.

We liked

The Sony TX20's responsive, user-friendly touch screen interface works well and the camera's AF system proves to be both quick and reliable. The slim, stylish design and good range of exposure modes adds further to the camera's appeal.

We disliked

The Sony TX20's lens isn't the best performer when it comes to sharpness and the overly aggressive noise-reduction system is of further detriment to the camera's ability to record fine detail at higher ISOs. At £329 it's a bit pricey compared to some competitors.

Final verdict

While it may not be a leading light in terms of the image quality it's capable of producing, as an everyday camera the Sony TX20 is a pretty good all-rounder, with the added bonus of being able to withstand more punishment than your average compact.