Although the Panasonic TZ35/ZS25 isn't as highly specced as its bigger brother, the Panasonic TZ40, it still represents an excellent camera, and for many it will be the more appealing option of the two.

We haven't had a TZ40 in for a full review yet, but the TZ25 was actually a better deal in terms of picture quality and performance than the TZ30, so it's possible that the same will be true of the latest duo.

If you don't need GPS or Wi-Fi and some of the other desirable, but ultimately costly, benefits of the TZ40, this is a very good camera indeed.

We liked

Cramming a 20x optical zoom into a body as slim as the Panasonic TZ35 is no mean feat, and makes this an extremely flexible option for the travelling and everyday photographer.

We disliked

Unfortunately, battery life doesn't seem to have improved too much from its predecessor. We'd also like to be able to change the autofocus point.

Final verdict

Panasonic has made some small, but much needed, changes to the Panasonic TZ35 when compared to its predecessor. Here we have a camera that arguably is the best compromise between functionality and price for the holiday and casual photographer, offering a huge zoom in a nicely sleek body.

If you're a beginner, this camera is very much suited to you, with its fully automatic and creative modes appealing to the novice. Equally, if you're a bit more at home with manual controls, the ability to change settings such as aperture and shutter speed is excellent.

It's a little bit of a shame that there's not even further control for the advanced photographer, such as the ability to change autofocus point or shoot in raw, though.

Overall, this is a very good camera that should be one of the top considerations for those looking for the ideal travel compact that offers just a little bit extra than the bog standard options available on the market.