Canon PowerShot D20 review

Canon introduces its latest underwater compact, the PowerShot D20

Canon PowerShot D20 review
The Canon PowerShot D20 is shockproof, waterproof and freezeproof, and takes good photos

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The Canon PowerShot D20 is designed as an underwater point-and-shoot compact camera, and in that respect it doesn't disappoint. What is more, it's packed with such a great variety of features that those using it in aquatic environments can also make use of many of its functions, in particular its GPS logger, Full HD or slow-motion movie capture and dedicated shooting modes.

We liked

The Canon PowerShot D20 coped admirably in underwater shoots, with seals remaining airtight and no evidence of flooding. The dedicated underwater shooting modes made operation straightforward, and the quality of results met our expectations within this genre of compact camera.

We disliked

While the Canon camera excelled as an underwater point-and-shoot, we discovered that as an everyday compact it left us wanting more. Operation was incredibly sluggish, with focusing, shutter lag and recycle speeds taking several seconds to process.

Final verdict

The Canon PowerShot D20's robust build quality ensures it will take more than just a few beatings, freezes and deluges. With that in mind, the PowerShot D20 is a fantastic shopping choice for anyone with a penchant for adventure and water activities.

Generally speaking, the image quality supplied met our expectations, offering well exposed shots that were rich in detail and accurate in colour values.

However, its main shortfall comes when handling the camera. While it is undoubtedly easy to use, its operation is sluggish and awkward, failing to charm photographers who may want to purchase it as an everyday shooter.

Looking at the camera in this respect, there are a vast number of competitor and same-brand models that provide better performance and results at a similar price.