Bose SoundTouch 300 review

This is a beautifully made, precise sounding soundbar

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Overall, the SoundTouch 300 does enough to justify its position as a premium soundbar offering, with a broad, dynamic and articulate performance with both music and movies. 

That being said, if you don’t have an HDMI ARC TV, it’s probably a wise choice to look elsewhere. It’s also worth noting that the ST300 starts to get seriously expensive if you want to add genuine deep bass, or additional surround speakers.

We liked

Boasting high-end design, this slim soundbar looks superb, and sounds above average. At 97.9cm wide, it’s best partnered with larger screen sizes (50-inch+) and this width also has the benefit of creating a convincing stereo spread. 

Plus, 4K HDMI support means you’ll have no problems connecting next-gen AV components and should theoretically give the SoundTouch a long lifespan.

We disliked

If you’re not the owner of a TV with HDMI ARC support, just don’t bother. And with only one HDMI loopthrough input, there’s not much room for system expansion either. The ST300 doesn’t do deep bass, and that optional sub is a costly investment.

Final verdict

If you’ve already bought into Bose’s SoundTouch multiroom system, and have an HDMI ARC-enabled TV, then the SoundTouch 300 would seem a no brainer. It’s an impressive performer, capable of wide, detailed audio (although those hoping for gut-rumbling LFE will be disappointed). There are caveats regarding usability and price, but overall it warrants a cautious two thumbs up.