Sony KDL-40NX723 review

3D TV more or less justifies its price tag with killer picture performance

Sony KDL-40NX723

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Sony kdl-40nx723

It never ceases to amaze us how TV sets this slim manage to make a sound at all. But the Sony KDL-40NX723's four 10W ìInvisibleî speakers deliver a passable audio performance with TV material. They make speech sound clear and prominent at normal listening levels and handed the crying and shouting on EastEnders very nicely indeed.

It's only when you test its limits with a rip-roaring Blu-ray movie or start playing MP3s from USB flash drives that you realise how thin and strained the sound is. That's pretty much par for the course with flatscreen TVs, though.

If you want to boost bass output, the tilted Monolithic stand comes with a built-in subwoofer. The TV also boasts a range of sound modes tailored to different types of material, as well as S-Force Front Surround 3D, S Master, Dolby Digital Plus compatibility and automatic volume control.


Let's get this straight: Sony's asking price of £1,400 for the KDL-40NX723 is expensive for a 40-inch TV set. Even if you shop around online it only dips down to around the £1,100 mark. And that's before you've even thought about buying the 3D glasses or the Skype camera.

Thankfully, Sony can't be accused of short-changing you, thanks to this marvellous TV's extensive feature list. All the cutting-edge mod cons you could ever need are included, so you don't need to worry about getting your money's worth.