Sony KDL-40NX723 review

3D TV more or less justifies its price tag with killer picture performance

Sony KDL-40NX723

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Sony kdl-40nx723

The KDL-40NX723 isn't the most advanced TV Sony has to offer (the KDL-40HX723 offers MotionFlow 400) but there's a definite premium vibe about the 40-inch connected TV in everything from its super-slim Monolithic design to its extensive feature list.

The inclusion of built-in Wi-Fi, 3D support, DLNA media streaming, Bravia Internet Video and some clever automation tricks makes the TV's specs list what you expect to see for this sort of money. The veritable banquet of picture processing modes and adjustments makes it a great choice for those who care about picture quality.

We liked

There's a wealth of features on board including built-in Wi-Fi, which makes it possible to access the extensive networking features with ease.

And what superb features they are, particularly Bravia Internet Video, which for our money still delivers the best range of connected TV content.

The set also delivers superb picture quality from 2D and 3D Blu-ray discs, and a vast array of picture adjustments and enhancements on board enable you to achieve your perfect picture.

The excellent operating system and i-Manual make the TV a doddle to use, too.

We disliked

Even though the Sony KDL-40NX723 comes with a hefty price tag of well over £1,000, you don't get any 3D glasses in the box. And if you want Skype that'll be another £80 please.

Streaming videos over a home network proved to be a little stuttery and frustrating, plus the internet browser is a waste of time (although you can use your smartphone as a keyboard).

Some of the MotionFlow modes introduce artefacts into the picture, and the usual flatscreen TV caveat about weedy sound applies yet again.


There's no denying that the Sony KDL-40NX723 is an expensive TV, but what that money gets you is a feature-packed, cutting-edge set that delivers excellent pictures from a variety of sources.

It's an accomplished 3D performer, and with an extensive range of picture adjustments on board you can tweak away to your heart's content.

Some minor aspects gall, but on the whole it's a mountain of pros against a molehill of cons, which means it's money well spent if you can afford it.