Samsung ps64d8000

The PS64D8000 is beautifully styled and has features coming out of its shiny ears, including the full Smart TV package, reams of picture adjustments, and, of course, active 3D playback.

Its performance is mostly impressive, too, with 2D in particular delivering a superbly natural, contrast-rich, punchy and sharp picture.

The set's 3D pictures are also excellent for much of the time, although, crosstalk does appear when images contain bright elements against dark backgrounds.

Overall, the PS64D8000 is great value. It's not as good as Panasonic's VT30 series, but its compromises are more than tolerable when set against the saving it offers on its rival.

We liked

The PS64D8000 looks a million dollars and doesn't skimp on features or connections. Its Smart TV services are a high point, especially now there are a number of good-quality video streaming services available.

It's also a very accomplished performer, producing consistently great 2D pictures and often superb 3D ones, with minimal crosstalk during bright scenes. Plus, of course, it's much cheaper than the only other 64/65-inch screen around right now.

We disliked

Crosstalk is noticeable when viewing dark 3D scenes and some light scenes show momentary 'jumping' brightness levels. Black level response and colour saturations aren't up there with Panasonic's latest efforts, though they're still good by general standards. Finally, input lag is a bit high for gaming.

Final verdict

The addition of the extra Real Black Filter to the PS64D8000's screen makes it a markedly stronger performer than the great PS51D6900 and its prodigious size emphasises the quality of its 2D performance, with both HD and standard-def material.

The set looks gorgeous too, and you can't get any other similarly sized screen right now for the same sort of money.

The PS64D8000 is packed with quality multimedia tricks and it's an accomplished 3D performer, with only some occasionally obvious crosstalk during dark 3D scenes standing between it and a full five stars.

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